Tuesday, February 13, 2007

making love out of nothing at all

the title of this is the lyric i have in my head, it has no significance.

it's a snow day. the office closed at 2. it's snowing. it's windy and it's good to be out the office. i've been trolling other blogs. people out there in other cities, in other lives, in other skins. me, i'm just in mine. i'm 32 and living a simple life. i'm just another engaged girl having hip replacement surgery. nothing right now makes me too exciting except that i really do like my boyfriend...future husband. that's pretty cool. i'm not in a band touring around, i'm not coming back from a trip-homeward bound (just wanted to use that word), i'm not in high heels right and i'm not wearing a thong. i didn't put on lipstick today but i am wearing a beautiful ring. am i uninteresting? i feel uninteresting. i feel like i limp a lot, wait, no, i do limp a lot. that's hot. my god, did i just quote Paris?

i wish i was looking out at something i'd never seen before. but, it is beautiful. the snow is blowing and it seems as if snow is falling down from the sky and up from the ground.

i should be writing something i care about.

Friday, February 09, 2007

"I'm ready for my close up..."

It’s Friday and I’m thankful. It’s been the longest week! SO COLD! I’ve heard it’s been the longest streak of cold weather for 15 years. Whew! I had blood work done this morning. It was my second and final deposit for my surgery. The hospital called and FOX network wants to do a piece on my surgery. They’ll be filming during surgery and talking with me afterwards. Wonder if they’ll get my tattoo? (My dad wondered if I should get another one. Haha) The nice thing about this whole thing is that the Bennington girls will be reuniting for a few days. Wendy and Mom are flying in to help me out! Wendy will leave after 3 days, and Mom after 10. It’ll be fun (aside from all of the pain.) Jason will have help and that is an ease off my mind.

Tonight’s movie pick is off the Oscar track…and it has already received horrible reviews! However, horror movies are normally tradition with family film night. (Friday night movies with Jason and Dustin.) We’re taking in The Messengers. I’ll let you know how it is! Could be just awful. By the way…if you’re shopping for a good scary flick, check out The Descent! GREAT FLICK!!

Oscar Buzz—Roper’s picks are (reported by Dustin first thing this morning):

Best Picture - The Departed
Helen for Actress
Jennifer for Supporting
Forrest for Actor
Scorsese for Director

Friday, February 02, 2007

More on Oscar

Ok, I'm sure I'll keep doing this, but I've been researching the picks a bit on-line. It is a possiblity that Clint will sweep. The Academy loves him and coupled with Speilberg--pretty impressive. I still have yet to see Letters, but I'm hoping to see it before the show. I'm excited about Babel being nominated for Best Score. I really loved the music. It was the only film I've seen recently where I felt the music was its own character...somewhat like a tour guide. Babel is up for the double whammy win as well. It sort of falls into the "Crash" category. (That was a HUGE disappointment, but oh well.)

Found out that the hospital doesn't have cable. No E! for red carpet!!