Saturday, February 28, 2009


I just read this:

"Nothing is real except the present, and already I feel the weight of centuries smothering me. Some girl a hundred years ago once lived as I do. And she is dead. I am the present, but I know I , too, will passs. The high moment, the burning flash come and are gone, continuous quicksand. And I don't want to die."

She wrote this at 18 and killed herself at 30. (I wrote 31 in a previous post--didn't realize she hadn't yet had her birthday.)

Just a quick realization. I felt more like this at at 34, I feel more hope and less like the centuries are smothering me. I live, comforted by those who are around me...and comforted that they will also die like I will. It's too soon for me to write about whether I believe in Heaven or not, but I do have a strong sense that those I've lost, I will see again. At least knowing I share the same fate as the people I love makes dying less scary. I used to lie in bed as a kid and just freak out trying to wrap my mind around the fact that I was going to die one day. I just couldn't figure it out. Life was too big to think it wouldn't always be around me.

What brings people to such a choice? I was preoccupied with death a lot in college...but never got to the point where I could see it as a reality.

Back to reading.

Friday, February 27, 2009


I DVR all of the West Wing reruns on Bravo...and just sit in disbelief. So well written. Just good stuff--and I feel like I learn something when I watch it! I love that. There are good shows that I love to sit and watch because they are entertaining and don't require any thought (American Idol, The Bachelor, Grey's Anatomy) and shows where I actually admire the camera work, the rich colors in the film and the grit!!--The West Wing and Damages.

Off to go out to eat--date night! More on this subject later...

Back from date night. (ate at a new place for us that sets right on the erie canal-very pretty!)

Netflix has totally changed my viewing habits as far as TV goes. I love to get an entire season of a show and just sit doing a marathon. It's a great way to get lost in it. I saw Damages, Dead Like Me (loved it), 24 (seasons 1-4), Weeds and Brothers and Sisters. I tried to rewatch Moonlighting...not as good. I'm really showing how much crap I watch.

But there are so many more options on Netflix that you can't get anywhere else--like The Decalogue-- 10 Polish films based on the 10 Commandments. Fascinating! Mostly, I'll listen to my podcasts and write down all the ones they talk about that I haven't seen. Movies are my hobby. Until I have children, I prefer to spend my time just watching---it's an escape. I'm always looking for an escape.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


I'm not sure if it's the winter or what, but Jason and I seem to be reading some real gems. He's reading, "Beginner's Guide to Immortality" (Clifford A. Pickover)--hmm. Last night he read two suicide notes from poets that really affected him. It's about the people of the history of the world who have been immortal by being remembered--going against the grain somehow or making contributions to art...or creative works that leave a lasting mark. He's obviously looking for some meaning.

Here is what he read--

1st by Austrailian poet, Adam L. Gordon. He killed himself and left this note, "Life is mostly froth and bubble/ Two things stand like stone/ Kindness is another's trouble/ Courage in your own."

2nd by Robert Lowell. He wrote this to a poet Elizabeth Bishop, " I see us still when we first met...I was brown haired and 30...I was largely invisible to myself, and nothing I knew how to look at. But the fact is we were swimming in our young age, with the water coming down on us, and we were gulping. I can't go on."

I think Jason is wondering about what he does in life...and how it will be remembered. It's hard to feel as if you are giving back to the world when you sit behind a desk all day answering emails. He struggles with it. I struggle with that as well.

I'm no better--I'm reading Sylvia Plath's journals still. I love to read memoirs and such from women. Men's thoughts don't interest me as much--probably because I'm not one. Their minds function differently. I've read a lot of May Sarton's journals as well. I love her. She wrote well into her 70s. Another lady who is starting to write her daily thoughts is Jane Fonda. I found her blog yesterday and have been reading it. ( She is 71. She looks fabulous. I saw her on The View the other day talking about it. She writes every day and inspires me.

Today's activities have so far included cleaning up the kitchen and tidying up the house...of course. Made myself some grits for lunch. YUM. I wrote down all the bills on the calendar. Downloaded some pictures and sent them out. Watched Damages from last that show. And....tried to urge my Chicago pals to go see Reva tonight in Chicago. I wish I could go. She also inspires me--always has.

Last night was ridiculous. All I wanted was to make some brownies, relax and watch American Idol. (Jason and I love to sit and watch Idol--2 hours of thoughtless bliss.) I read the directions wrong and put in 3 eggs instead of 1. DAMN!!! I ruined them. They are wayyy too cakey now. Jason is eating them. It just infuriates me when I don't do something right. Especially if it has to do with dessert.

After this, I think I'll watch Brideshead Revisited. I got it on Netflix. Sounds like a good afternoon. I glanced over Craigslist...nothing. I'm assuming my interview will be this week--at least they lead me to believe so. I'm just waiting.

Yesterday's Oprah had some shocking stories of "tent cities" all around the U.S. where those who have lost their houses are living! Professional men and women with families that made 6 figs last year have NOTHING. It really threw me--and scared me. The most shocking thing were those whose families didn't know their plight. They didn't tell their children...or their parents...??? Families are suppose to help! I would take in my family members and I know they would take me in--or help in any way they could. That was so sad for me to see. I know it is hard for people to lean on others, but really...we're all here for each other. I see no shame in it whatsoever. None.

My mind is everywhere today. I can hear Jason on the phone with someone in his office. After 6pm I usually get irritated. Recently...I'm just appreciative. He works hard and he's doing the best he can. Desperate times require desperate measures. He hasn't slept much recently. Last night was the first time I'd see his eyes that dark in a long time. But--he did say he was feeling a lot better about everything. He'd watched Oprah with me and said we were lucky. Moving here was/is hard--but we have so much for a lot less. We're not "rock stars" living the fast life (like we feel our Chicago friends do)--but we're doing ok. We might get back to the city one day--if not Chicago, maybe outside New York?? Who knows.

(took this picture of Jason in December. Wanted his kids to see how their dad looked at his desk--"back in the day." )

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

ok...the oscar blog--because i can't let it go.

I saw The Reader. I saw Rachel Getting Married. (I saw them all except Frozen River because I just couldn't get myself to watch it. I knew it would ruin my day.) Anyway, so...Kate wins. I didn't vote for her. Anne Hathaway was awesome and I feel deserved it. As always, the Academy didn't agree with me and gave her a make up oscar. Whatever. Sean Penn won for Milk--thank god. I wept after that movie! Slumdog--I saw twice. It's good, but Oscar winning??? Hmmm. It's no English Patient.

I voted for Heath, he won. good. I voted for Penelope too--but thought it would've been fine had it gone to Marisa for The Wrestler. I guess if Slumdog is going to be best pic, then best dir. would be Danny Boyle, but I voted for Milk's Gus Van Sant. I got the best documentary correct--course Man On Wire was the only one I'd seen. (enjoyed it!) I would've given best score to The Dark Knight, but it wasn't nominated. Damn them. Original screen play--I voted for In Bruges, but Slumdog won again.

My observations--

The bullshit move of ABC to cut to Bradgelina when Jen was up speaking was so...Jerry Springer. It really lacked class and was just low rent.

Thought Hugh was hot...talented...and did a good job. I like the singing and dancing. He said, "more SHOW in Showbiz." Yes. I agree...I want to be entertained. I missed the comedian a bit, but he had some fun things to say. He's just so damn nice to look at!

I LOVED the previously winning actors giving out the awards. Really cool to see. It's a great way to welcome someone into their club.

Although I found Ben Stiller hilarious, I knew a lot of people wouldn't get it. I had to call my sister to explain it to her. he's making fun of Whakeen (because no one can pronounce it!!!) Phoenix. I thought it was comedic.

TOO MANY COMMERCIALS! What the hell was up with that??? They'd give out one oscar and then cut to an ad. BS!

Enjoyed Tim Gunn on the red carpet, but no one else. E! is such crap...and embarrassing to watch.

It must be something to be Meryl Streep. Really.

I hope more movies come out next year that are worth nominations. Spread out the love. We need more movies showcased!

some down time!

You'd think being unemployed would mean I'd always have down time...and normally that's true. However, I had my first guest! Dustin flew in from Chicago for Oscar weekend last Thursday. We headed over to Niagara Fall--which were FREEZING!! Beautiful though, really. The ice added a fantastical effect. Then we had a whirlwind trip to NYC to visit my old high school friend Jeremy Dewey. I'd never been to Brooklyn before and it was really very cool. We walked around his neighborhood and as always, I imagined if I lived there. Dustin and I had traveled to NYC 9 years ago in May. This was our anniversary trip! We watched the video I'd taped when we got home. 9 years ago...I looked good! Cute pig tails with a NY Jets hat on...strolling through Greenwich Village. That was the trip that spurred on my move to Chicago. Life changing...huh, guess you never know how experiences will shape your life. I think traveling is good for the soul. It gives you such great perspective! I love to visit places I've been before, but seeing new things is what really inspires me. There is a comfort in going to all the old spots--Strawberry Fields...The Dakota...Times Square, etc. But I really loved taking the subway to Brooklyn--eating at a neighborhood bbq place and just enjoying seeing how other people live their lives. Dewey is great...very laid back and sweet. He just keeps trudging into new territory and seeing where it leads. I love the adventure in him.

It was great to have Dustin around. We relaxed on Sunday--watched The Oscars. I wanted Anne Hathaway to win, but Kate Winslet did. That's fine. We saw The was just ok. Sean Penn won for Milk and that was my big one, so I was happy. Dustin hadn't seen Slumdog (won for best pic), so we saw it Monday night at The Little Theatre downtown. He really liked that area. I took him around the neighborhoods Jason and I think about living. He couldn't believe how big the houses were at the cost. We like looking around at this point, but are not in a position to buy...mentally. One day.

I've been into memoirs for quite a while now and am now reading the journals of Sylvia Plath that Ted Hughes had published. I'm really enjoying it. I know that there will be some dark parts, but I haven't hit them yet. Right now, she's still 18 and talking about school. I've already out lived her. She died at 31. It's hard to imagine what her mindset was. (Well, not too hard to connect to that, but not somewhere I want to go.)

I'm feeling good today. The sun is shining and that just does me wonders. It's 44 degrees out. (a heat wave!)

I think the 5 days of constant talking and venting was healthy and helpful! I feel renewed. Hopefully he enjoyed it as much.

The picture is of Jeremy Dewey, Dustin and me at The Coffee Shop where we ate brunch on Saturday morning. (It's right off of Union Square)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Something's comin', I don't know what it is, but it's going to be great! ...

I couldn't sleep last night. I was up from 2-5 I think. I haven't done that in years. My mind just kept buzzing about. I was laying in bed thinking about the women I admire...some I've just recently come back into contact with through Facebook. The creativity just flows through them and they trudge forward into new territory. I love it. It actually inspires me to see what all they're doing and makes me think about what projects I might be interested in starting. (That kept me up as well.) My friend Leslie's photography really gets to me. I'm entranced! It's actually the first thing in a long time to really start me thinking. Jason woke up and asked if I was still thinking about it... I love to see people create. She's always been a motivator for me. In college, she literally changed my direction by getting me into new groups on campus. Yet another woman who has really helped me to find what I could really do.

Dustin comes on Thursday. My first friend to visit! I'm so excited I could bust. (YET another reason I couldn't sleep!!) We're off to NYC on Friday morning. We're driving to Albany and taking the train. We'll meet up with my pal Jeremy and spend the evening with him roaming about. We catch the train back the next afternoon. A very speedy trip. Most likely we'll walk through Central Park and Times Square...and duck into the Metropolitan. I hope the weather is in our favor. The last time we were together there, we didn't take any pictures with both of us in the frame. This time the tripod will be in tow. Another observation...some of the closest friends in my life I have very few pictures with.

Just talked with Amanda and talked through a fabulous idea! I'm going to work on the specifics now. Finally! Something to put my energy towards besides what recipes to try.

I'll explain more soon.

Monday, February 16, 2009

thoughts while dinner's in the oven.

I've become obsessed with cleaning--which is annoying. I think it has to do with the fact that I can SEE my productivity if everything is in its place. I used to find perfection boring...not creative. Now, I think I need a clean space to think. My head is messy and if I look around and see a mess, I become paralyzed. It's tiring--and may just be manic.

The Hallmark holiday was...interesting. It started out very...Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf and ended up with diamond earrings and a warm bed. I've been under appreciating, taking for granted and taking up space in my head--alone. Marriage is sometimes hard for me. Not because of him at all, just because of me. I am too distant at times. I'm also too wrapped up in my own thoughts. I told him that I just need to say what I'm thinking instead of keeping it all to myself. I think appreciative things...and hot things...and loving things--but I forget to say them. He's kinder than I am...or rather, he shows his kindness towards me more frequently. I'll figure this out.

He worries that I don't do enough things that I'm passionate about. He worries that I'll lose myself in a corporate job. I think he sees things in me that need to come out and they haven't yet. That's inspiring.

I know he's right. I feel like an old rusty spring is wound to the point where it's just about to give...and when I sit for too long, I can't even touch my ear to each shoulder--or my chin to my chest. It's too tight.

I'll be honest here--because I've been thinking about it and I just want to throw it out there. Christianity makes me feel like I'm choking sometimes. Not that I frequent church, I don't. We rarely go unless family wants us to. But my family talks about it with us. I'm just not sure about it all. I'm wondering seriously about Buddhism. I've been looking at the books in my bookshelf that would give me some insight and I'm almost afraid to open them. Do I really want to set myself apart in another way?? It seems lonely at times right now. But something is missing.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

from No More Masks...

For Witches

I lost my temper.

temper, when one talks of metal
means strong,

temper, for humans,
means angry

today I found my temper.
I said,
you step on my head
for 27 years you step on my head
and though I have been trained
to excuse you for your inevitable
today i think
I prefer my head to your clumsiness

today I began
to find

perhaps I will begin
to find

-Susan Sutheim

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

It's about time

I've been avoiding this blog...but I think about it every day.

I turned 34 yesterday. Jason seemed like he felt he needed to cheer me up. I wasn't down...I just felt as if I was quietly watching time pass. I made my grandmother's cake and ate on her plates as if to magically feel her next to me. All day I longed to talk to her. Then, in reviewing the pictures Jason took last night of me by my cake all lit up...I noticed that two pictures of her are in the bookcase (to my left) were in the background. My late friend Carrie (in the white frame to my right) seemed to be sitting right by my side as well. I may be reading into it, but there's something about it that extends past the image.

In my head I see a sun dial...and I watch the shadow change--my birthdays seem to be different shadows slowly passing by. The brighter the sun, the easier it is to see the time pass. The winter is hard. It seems to blend all time together and I lose track. I've always hated having my birthday in the dead of it. I suffer from seasonal affective disorder--as so many of us do. I need to start taking vitamin d on a regular basis. That and fish oil. These are things I never thought of when I was young.

I'm going on 4 months of unemployment. I believe I've gone that long before, but I can't remember. It certainly seems longer than the past. I wish I was going through some metamorphosis of some kind. Like any day now I'd become more beautiful than ever...and could fly away. I'm not looking to escape however...but maybe evolve into something else. I was talking to Kelly today about what I could do--what I could create or what I'd want to create. I have this feeling that I'm capable of doing something I'm MEANT to do something...yet, I don't know what it is. Does everyone feel that way? I do feel that I'm meant to create. I feel strongly about that. And that creation will bring people together.

I recently saw MILK. Sean Penn was ...transformed. I looked closely at his face...his eyes...nothing was Sean was Harvey. It's really amazing. I cried at the end. The movie is heartbreaking, yet inspiring. He says in the movie, "I'm 40 and I haven't done anything in my life...." So many though find their way later in life. I seek out stories like that. I feel we all want to know what's possible and that time hasn't robbed us of anything.

It's going to happen. Though I can't motivate myself to blog every day even though I say I will...I will somehow find this THING I'm suppose to do. I know it. Maybe when I'm 50 or so. I read May Sarton's journals--as she writes in her 70s and 80s...she just amazing. It's the woman's voice that really speaks to me. On Sunday, I picked up a book for poetry--the original edition "No More Masks--An Anthology of Poems by Women." Kortney introduced me to the revised edition years ago. Every woman should try to find a copy and read it. It was first published in '73 and it really has some fiercely moving ideas and thoughts in it. There is a poem "Bitch" where the writer refers to her inner self when she comes in contact with an old lover--the entire poem is her working through the moment of the encounter. Great stuff. There are 87 contributing women poets in it. Some are well known, like Sylvia Plath...but some were previously unpublished. Go get it. No More Masks--edited with an introduction by Florence Howe. If you don't find a single poem that you relate to or that changes you...I'd be surprised.

After days of endless clouds blanketing the finally shines today.