Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Obsess much?

Of course. Dustin pointed out last night that when I get excited about a new t.v. series, it's more like a complete obsession. I guess he's right. This year has been a big year for me discovering t.v. shows that everyone else has known about for a couple of years. I started out with 24. I immediately became an addict. I didn't have a job at the time and watched the show all waking hours. It was fun to resurrect my love of Kiefer Sutherland whom I adored as a sexy vamp in The Lost Boys. I ran around the house yelling, "Jack Bauer!" Jason is always good natured about my hollywood crushes and found it funny rather than completely annoying. (I think) I tried to get into season 5, but just couldn't. They killed off my president and I couldn't stand the idea of a corrupt man as one of the leads. Yeah, he was nominated for an Emmy for his performance...I still found him annoying.

Then it was Lost. I had NO desire to get into this show when it came out. I watched the first episode when it originally aired and was bored to tears. Urged on by Wendy, I got the dvds of the first season and Jason and I sat down to watch. Wow. It was like heroine. We sat and watched for hours and then when season 1 was over, freaked out. We downloaded season 2 on itunes and he bought a special device that allowed the computer to be seen on the t.v. We had the full effect!! Since our schedules were different, it was agonizing to have to wait for the other to watch the next episode. We actually started lying to the other, sneaking in episodes while the other was gone.

After that was done...I hit a dry spell. Nothing really captured my attention. After a bit, Dustin told me I should watch House, MD. I had just seen Hugh Laurie on Inside Actor's Studio and didn't know a thing about him. I figured, with all of the hype, I should check it out.
Umm..yeah. I'm in love with him. I watched both seasons in about 2 weeks. The last season over a weekend in the city. I didn't leave the apt for two days! Jason got into it on the tail end and really enjoyed it, too. I find him incredibly sexy!! His blue eyes...mmmmm. His amazing brain and sarcastic jabs make him even more yummy. He's now my wallpaper. If you haven't checked out the show...do!! You can get it on netflix or at Blockbuster. The new season starts on Nov. 5th. I can't wait! I've ordered all of Hugh Laurie's movies on Netflix.

I need help.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Happiness is...

Chipped beef on toast with peas
Mackenzie's squeals
Derek's hugs
Kendra's laugh
a clean apartment
a soft bed
Flat Top!
my Friday night dinner and a movie with my boys
Project Runway
House (my newest find! thanks to D)
brunch at Anne Sather's
watching movies with Kort
memories of Corbin Hall
the smell of pumpkin pie baking
the smell of a fire
the sound of a tent zipper
hand holding (by a little hand...or a big one)
snow on Christmas
going to a Macca concert! : )
seeing my mom
getting a letter in the mail
The Beatles, period.
Cranberry Delight
hearing the dishwasher running at night
hearing a lawn mower on a Saturday morning
or a basketball bouncing
a peanut buster parfait
skiing behind a boat
"Goodnight, Hon"

Happiness is now.