Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Holidays at the Cinema!

Jason and I had a movie marathon. With the exception of No Country, we saw all of these last weekend. Crazy. We just needed out of the house...and we both love movies. So, some quick thoughts.

I Am Legend- Very quiet, tense, entertaining! I was very nervous through the whole thing...reminded me a bit of 28 Days Later (which I loved). Were there holes? Sure, but I really didn't care at the time.

Charlie Wilson's War- We saw this last (after 3 other movies) so I was a little tired...but I enjoyed it. It was interesting, I learned something. It's worth the ticket, but it'd be the same on dvd as well.

Juno- Loved it!! Great script, loved the characters. It's timely, with little Spears pg now. (I personally don't care about it...there are worse things than being pg at 16) This is the movie to see if you have to see just one.

Sweeney Todd- You have to really enjoy musicals, because this is no exception! It's practically an opera! Lots of singing...lots of gore....lots of entertainment. I loved it, but Jason wasn't so much into it. He at least appreciated the story and thought Johnny did well.

Walk Hard- Dewey Cox Story- Just bad. Not worth the ticket. Not sure where the good reviews came from...but it's not good. We enjoyed Anchorman...but this isn't even close. Plus, FULL FRONTAL nudity...of men...for LONG periods of time! thanks.

National Treasure: Book of Secrets- It's what you'd expect. It's fun, entertaining, mindless...a good way to spend a couple hours in the movie theatre and away froom the family.

No Country For Old Men- If you enjoy FILM, you will love this movie. If it doesn't win best picture...I'd be surprised. (Course Daniel Day looks like he has a gem on his hands as well) It's captivating...great script, great story...just really amazing.

Need to see Atonement.

Netflix: Just started watching Nip/Tuck. Huh. I can't help but really enjoy it. It's pretty graphic and the story lines are insane...but man, it's addicting! Crazy. Just finished Season 1. Jason can't really stomach it, I don't blame him. It's a serious guilty pleasure.

Wow, does it seem like I don't do anything but watch movies? Yikes. Maybe I should do some book reviews as well. I do read as well... Coming sooon!!

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