Wednesday, August 29, 2012

a little random, sorry.

It is gorgeous out today. I've been in a sleep state for most of the morning due to Z being an extremely early riser this morning. Ugh. J is on the road today...he is also very tired. Tired parents--not very original.

I've been watching some of the broadcasts from New Orleans. Silly reporters standing in a WIDE stance trying to stay up and yelling into the mike as they get pelted with water. Funny. Uhhh...go inside. It reminds me of when the wind takes all of the nannies away in Mary Poppins...but most things remind me of MP.


Today I'm in the mood to go sit outside somewhere and listen to some type of inspirational speaker. Something enlightening about how to go about life. Someone like the Dali Lama or something. I want to admire the trees in the sun and have someone tell me how grand life is. I guess I could find something online and just sit on my deck. I have weird cravings.

Maybe I'll just pack Z in the car and go to DQ. again.

This morning, I put nutmeg in my coffee. The smell of it made me ready for the holidays. I love that.

Going to go bask a little while longer.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

secret revealed. shhh.

Last night I watched one of Oprah's Next Chapter's...on Kelsey Grammer. I wasn't sure about watching it because I didn't really like him. I never watched Frasier and his tabloid life wasn't that appealing. Well, it was a good lesson in judgement. Learning about his life was really an eye opener. His life struggles were shocking to me. He's dealt with a tremendous amount of tragic loss. He was well spoken. His new wife was as well. She was down to earth and very sweet. It was one of the best of those shows I'd seen. I didn't know anything about his personal life or how he grew up. I didn't know all the loss he'd had. I had never heard him speak about his addictions or hear his side of how his last divorce happened. It reminded me that I jump to conclusions about people too easily. (Are you laughing at me that I learned this from Oprah??) Well, I figure...wherever you learn it, as long as you do.

I took a 2.5 hour nap today after dropping Z off at school. It was glorious. Guess I was tired. The day was beautiful. Jason took a bike ride at noon and I got some chores done. We had a new turn in the name last night. The middle name has now changed to something completely different, but I think we've FINALLY decided on her first name. I'm almost sure that our parents/grandparents won't like it, but the younger generations should be okay with it. (no one reads this, we're liking Harper for the first name.) There are MANY reasons for choosing this name. Harper Lee is her namesake. I believe the message she put out in a very turbulent time. We are still in similar times...and she represents how Jason and I think about human rights for EVERYONE.

I'll have to let you know the reaction we get when we finally tell people. Once she is won't matter.

shhh until then.

Monday, August 27, 2012

I just made some cookies for comfort sake. Maybe it will work.

It's a cloudy Monday. The weekend was too short. We are slowly plugging away at our to do list. We are getting more comfortable with our name choice--but Jason isn't at 100% yet. Z has a little cold. She can't figure out how to blow her nose...or breath through her mouth. It's a little annoying. "Open your mouth and breath that way..." She just continues to snort.

I'm ready for cooler weather. I'm ready for the trees to turn and to go to pumpkin patches. I'm ready to meet this little girl. The change of season will be hopeful. At times, the endless warm, sunny days are no longer comforting, but tiring. I am never satisfied. (I could never live in California or Florida.) I crave constant change. "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds."--Emerson.  This does not directly apply, but it popped into my head. Have you ever read Emerson's Self Reliance? I was introduced to it in HS and it had a great effect on me. Pick it up sometime.

I'm somewhat lonely. I'm content in my surroundings, but miss deep, long talks. I miss laughing with friends. I miss that companionship. I miss a quick run to eat or a movie. I miss my friends. Everyone is busy and have very full lives. I'm thankful for the promise of them just being out there--but I long for the connection. I don't feel this makes me less fulfilled in my marriage. Jason is a dear friend of mine. However, we are consumed by our daily lives...and we have a countdown to a major event that causes us to focus on tasks instead of being carefree. I want a weekend away from my baby bump...and my little family...and I want to sit, relaxing and laughing with a good friend. (This is probably because I know the next few months I will be tied home--happy, yes--but still away from my friends.)

(Little Vidmar, don't misunderstand when you read this. I can't wait to be with you--but the friendships you will make in your life will rejuvenate you. They will refill your soul. They will remind you of yourself. They will give you a nice little happy injection to project you forward into more of this, sometimes difficult, life.)

If you are near your friends--call one up and go have a quick bite, drink or laugh.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

art therapy.

I made it through yesterday-but it wasn't pretty. Jason came home early to relieve me, whew! I napped and then got up to hear Z still not down. By that point, I was able to cope so I took over. She was down in 15 mins. :)

Last night I watched a documentary, The Gates, about an art project that was in NY's Central Park for 2 weeks in Feb. 2005. When I was there last, I saw some pictures of them in the Met and I picked up 4 water colors outside that had them in one of them. I didn't get the back story until last night. Really fascinating. It took about 27 years for the artists to fulfill their vision in the park. A lot of nay sayers until Mayor Bloomberg said okay. Aren't they beautiful?

They covered 23 miles of the park. Just cool. My friend Jeremy had just moved there when they were on display. He sent me some of his pics as well. They weren't well received by everyone. Some older folks were interviewed and they found them awful. "The park was beautiful before...why would you add all of this?!" The Gates were made of steel. In fact, there were 7, 503 gates--which collectively had 3/4 of the amount of steel in the Eiffel Tower. (You may find this not so interesting...but it was really interesting to J and me, even if we never saw it.) I watched that and started a new book. I read pages in about 3 before I settled on another mystery. I'm still searching a bit.

Yesterday, I was overwhelmed by all that needs to be done before baby girl gets here. Today I'm calmer. I'm still tired, but am definitely more logical. I'm a bit irrational when I'm tired. It will all get done. It will all get done. (my mantra)

The months are filling up with people wanting to visit. It will be nice to have so many people coming to see us. Some have never been here before. I have a trip to Kansas planned in the May-Aug time frame, depending on what we decide--but it is nice to have people come here, too.

I'm going to try to get a few more chores done before I pick up the girl. I hear a very loud crying dog outside. Hmmm...may have to go check it out.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

get me through it.

Just get me to the end of this day. I forgot to take my Unisom last night and was up from 3-5am. I watched some stuff off of the DVR. The Kathy show with Jane Fonda and Sharon Osborne is hilarious. (taped it weeks ago) Jane looks so confused. She is confused by Kathy's sense of humor and shocked by what she says I think. I laughed out loud. I also watched Survivor Man--10 days in Mexico. He's on an island that my father frequents actually. I learned how to distill water if I need to...but I wouldn't survive on clams, oysters and squid. nope. I wandered around the house... I found J in sleeping with Z. I shut her window and kept roaming. Today I am wiped. Z isn't fond of naps I'm just eating to stay away. Strawberries, black olives, salsa, oatmeal...random food items--we need to get to the store I guess. We had some pool time, but not much. Bees scared us away. Damn bees. I was happy out there. I killed a bee and Z is still saying, "Good job Valerie for getting that bee!" Sometimes I'm "Valerie." Whatever.

It's only 2:20--will I make it?

Again, I am in total awe of mom with more than one child. Moms that have so much energy. Moms who are always in a good mood, always baking, always creating, always going to the park. I am just in awe.

I want an iron injection. Why can't I get one?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I'll get there.

Well, I had another doc appt today. Still low on iron--I could've guessed. My mono-like symptoms are still prevalent. ugh. Baby is good. VERY active little one. We are still going back and forth on her name. We've narrowed it down to 3 I think. Jason is VERY scientific about it. He has a chart (of course he does) where he is noting the popularity, tease factor, meaning and origin. I go by my gut and heart.

So, I slept for about 2 hours today--than I did a mad dash to clean up the house and fold the laundry that's been sitting on the guest bed for about a week. I felt somewhat accomplished. (like it matters at all.)

I finished Gone Girl. Don't read this paragraph if you are going to read it.) I was glued to it until the very last page and then turned it to see "Acknowledgements." uhh...what??? That's it? THAT'S how it ends?! Yeah, pretty poor ending. It just stops. It was almost like she ran out of ideas...or didn't know what to do. So, that sucks.

I'm now trying to find a new book and keep on my reading course. I get out of it so quickly--I need to jump back in before I lose my gusto. I am enjoying the mystery/thriller thing. The page turners are working with my short attention span. I have a list of books that were recommended to me when I want to return to some type of "smart" book type. I was on a non-fiction kick for about a year. I love them. I've been filling that need with documentary films. I pretend I'm in a film class. I also need to dive into my writing creative non-fiction course. I'm just trying to keep cerebral. At times, I feel I'm slipping away into nothingness. I miss making my own money. I miss having a desk. I miss dressing up and talking to other people during the day. I love being with Z every day...I do. I'll love when the baby comes. But, I'm not fooling anyone by thinking I'm the BEST mom at home. I'm tired and irritable...and somewhat boring at times. I just pray she doesn't notice. Just get me to an age where she enjoys movies...I'll be great at introducing different genres to her. I'll be great at going to art galleries and discussing poetry and novels. I'll be great with board games and cards. I'll be great at girl weekends and talking about boys. But, I'm not so hot on play-doh, dolls and sandboxes.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Whining and Wanderings

In the movies where someone is about to drown--or go under water...they alway tilt their head back and take a deep breath and then go under. Today, I feel my head is tilted. There isn't any particular reason. I feel like I can't escape the fatigue. I am worn out. Most people are--but I feel as if I can't do anything productive for any length of time. This damn anemia is kicking my ass. I'm taking the iron. I'm eating the foods as best I can. I'm actually too tired to get to the damn grocery store. I still have to go today before I pick up Z. I'm going to have to nap first. (And I've already had one today.)

I'm whiny and irritated. I'm being a baby. I apologize. I'm not used to feeling this way. I''m putting it down for posterity.

Damn it.

On a much lighter note. J and I watched Wanderlust last night and laughed our asses off. It's not for everyone, but it sure worked for us. Some scenes were so out there that laughing broke the tension. I hadn't laughed that hard in a while. It was a good feeling.

off to nap.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Women friends needed.

I was going through my DVR last night and finally watched Oprah's Next Chapter with Gloria Steinam. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot. So much woman power. The most fascinating to me was seeing where she lives. I LOVE seeing how people decorate their homes. It says so much about them. My house is still not me. It's hard to decorate with two people in mind. If it were just me...I'm afraid J wouldn't like my style choice. I'm more into Bohemian Chic. (like I really know what that means) It seems close.

I spent some time on the deck today reading and sunning. Z played with chalk under the umbrella and tried iced tea for the first time. "I don't like it Mommy--maybe when I'm older." ??? cracked me up. I'm frustrated with my book because I want to talk to someone about it! (Gone Girl) I don't understand why he won't answer his cell phone. The narrator isn't trustworthy. It's aggravating--and won't let me put it down at the same time. I don't want to google too much because I worry about spoilers.

The day is gorgeous. My Japanese Maple is rich with color...oranges, reds, greens. I can't wait for fall. Fall brings baby, Halloween, Thanksgiving and cooler weather. We have a name...I think. I don't think it will be very popular with the family--but I LOVE it. We are still going around on the middle name. I'm hoping the first name sticks. I'm just ready to have her named!

I need a book club here. I want it full of friends. I want to hand pick them from all over. My perfect club would be impossible--people are too spread out. Maybe an online one???

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

it doesn't matter

Today is a day of thought. It's probably because I'm tired. I always dive way too deep into things when I'm tired. The negativity of the world affects me more. I feel a weight I want to shed. I want to disconnect because I'm confused and feel poisoned. (could be a little depressed today, eh?) I hate election time. It brings out the worst in people. Facebook during election time--yuck. I don't want to know half the stuff I learn about people sometimes. I'm sad that people aren't more open and loving. I'm saddened that some things come off as such a threat. I'm a true hypocrite--judging those who judge.

I wish I could focus on being a better me and not worrying about others being better themselves. I can't control that. I can control my frustration level, my outspokeness (when no one really cares what I think anyway), my nosiness (because most things really aren't any of my damn business) and the way I go about my day. I could smile more. I could be sweet more. I could be softer. I feel as if I wear a hard shell to get through life. Is it really worth it? Let people be who they are. Let life be as it is. Work on becoming the kind of woman you want your children to see--and to learn from. So much doesn't matter in the spectrum of life. I am a control freak. It is wearing me out today. I'm sure I'll be back at it tomorrow. But today, I'm giving it up.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Happiness and reading.

It's Monday. The weekend was nice. We went to the beach. I loved it. I'd never been to that particular one (Durand-Eastman). It was tree lined and you could imagine yourself finding it and it being all yours...aside from the other people and the life guards. The others around here are very city. Not my thing. I sat in my chair and watched J and Z play in sand and waves. I felt happy. That was the second time I took a mental note of happiness this weekend. The first was the day before. The temp was perfect. The sun was out. I was out on my deck reclining with Gone Girl--the book I'm reading. The trees waved slightly and I was relaxed. We had date night out that night--a long dinner outside. All the food was so good. We laughed. We talked. We caught up. It was great. (We also had a babysitter.) The weekend was good for the soul.

Today is more cleaning. I feel that is all I do sometimes. But, I think that is what most people do when they little ones. My energy is low. I've already taken a nap this morning for an hour while Z amused herself with Nick Jr. I am short of breath. I have 70 days to go. I'm doing my best with the iron...but I feel like I'm failing still. Jason is frustrated as well. I huff and puff and he freaks out thinking I'm WAY over tired than I should be. Maybe. It will all be ok.

Z is having a snack. Cheese and crackers. She started her morning by eating her weight in chocolate cookies. Her bedroom is near the kitchen...and she woke up and helped herself. Jason cleaned up the mess--thank goodness. It was not the way to start the day. She was proud of herself though. But, then, who wouldn't want that for breakfast?

My life currently is ruled by when I can get back to my book. It holds my attention which is hard to do. I'm confused and wondering what is up. It's a mystery. Things are starting to seem odd...we'll see how it turns out.

Pick it up for yourself and dive in...

So cool....

I loved this.

Hope it works for you!!

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Hope Springs

Today, Z had Doodle Bugs. I had a doctor's appt that didn't go as well as I'd hoped. My mild case of anemia turned into an extreme case so I'm now having to change my diet. I also got put on a prescription ant-acid. The baby is fine that's really what's important. When I got home, all I wanted was to take a nap--but found myself in a movie theatre at noon watching Hope Springs. Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones star in this little film about a couple who go to therapy after 31 years of marriage--and what comes out of it. She is unhappy. He is unaware. He is totally dependent on her--and yet she is invisible to him. They haven't slept in the same bed for many years and haven't touched or had sex for probably 4-5 years. They did a great job of acting very uncomfortable through the whole process. It was believable. I enjoyed it. I didn't feel it was geared toward an older audience--but really, any married couple. We can lose sight of things. We can lose ourselves and each other. It reconfirmed the importance of touching. Just a touch can send all the right signals--I love you, I miss you, I want you, I'm here for you. I forget to do this sometimes. I'm all wrapped up in errands and chores. I should be more touchy feely. I can' focus on what Jason does and doesn't do, only on what I do and don't do. (I can be a blamer at times...)

With that, I hear J and Z on the couch. Think I'll go in and cuddle with them.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Woody, Jane and me.

I'm taking a break from the sun. Z is watching some Nick Jr. We went to a new park this morning. I loved it. I love finding new places to go play. I get bored with the same ones. Problem was that it was a little too warm, so she didn't want to play very long. We took a scenic way home and got some ice cream and now she is chillin' indoors. I thought I'd get some sun, so I'm relaxing on the deck. I finished Woody Allen: A Documentary this morning. I was more about part 2--since those are the movies I'm more familiar with--but part 1 was more highly regarded. To my surprise they did cover his adopted daughter/wife scandal. It wasn't a major component, but it wasn't ignored. Yes, it's a bit creepy--but again, I focused on his work. His movies always make me thing I can write movies. I love his dialogue. I love the way he contemplates human relationships. I love how natural the thoughts flow--into non-natural situations. His perceptions are interesting to me. He digs into religion and love and how fucked up people are. I have visions of me writing something worthwhile at my kitchen table. I'm not sure when this will happen. I don't think it will be published...but I just want to finish something in my life. I want to have something left after I'm gone for my girls to read.

I haven't picked up a book in a while. I did listen to a good chunk of Jane Fonda's Prime Time in the car two weekends ago. I really loved it. I recommend it. I need to finish it so I can move on. My vacation from the gym has put a big dent into my "reading." Maybe I should go back...big belly and all.   It would be a nice little break, I could exercise, Z could play and I could feel like I'm feeding my brain again. I've been struggling greatly with low iron this pregnancy. The docs have yelled at me and I've upped my intake three times. I can barely get up the stairs some days without having to stop and rest. It's amazing what anemia can do to a person! I figured, if I can't even get up my stairs, how am I going to work out?

37 and pregnant isn't my cup of tea. I wasn't mature in my 20s, so this is the lot I have to deal with. I'm at 29 weeks--only 11 to go! I'm ready for the baby. (I even have a name--but am still working on Jason to approve.) I'm ready for the new challenge of motherhood. I'm ready to get some energy back--and my body back! I'm excited to see Z as a sister. She needs to understand that it's no longer the Zo' show. (We're getting a little cheeky)

Okay, maybe a few more moments in the sun...

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

everything you want to know about nothing...

Today is beautiful. I just sat outside getting some sun for about 45 minutes. Couldn't take much more--hot. It was enough to give me some Vit D and help my legs not look so preggo. I ran errands this morning after dropping Z at Doodle Bugs. She slept in her new "big girl" bed last night for the first time. After being up and down in the bunks, she finally settled in the bottom. Jason slept with her. I was already asleep in our bed. I have a couple more errands to do this afternoon. I just want to sit and watch part 2 of the Woody Allen documentary I started yesterday. I learned so much about his early years. He's worked with writing since he was a teenager. Wow. He's been paid for his work since 19. Impressive. I know he has his flaws, but I've always focused on his work and have been collecting his movies--starting with Annie Hall. I'm not much of a fan of his earlier work. It was inspiring...made me want to start this little writing class and start working on my craft again. I'm a late bloomer...but I have faith that I will eventually bloom. I feel it inside--but I haven't been able to fully nurture it for one reason or another. I'm still excited by the woman I can still become. I realize that now I'm more focused on raising my little women. That's ok. I just want to be someone they look up to and learn from. I want to be inspiring and encouraging.

The house is so quiet. I was thankful...and now I'm a bit lonely. I haven't quite adjusted to it yet. Mom will be back in October though, so that's not too long. I should relish the silence while I still have it. My belly is getting large. I feel so big. I've started having my breathing problems at night again. I wake up gasping for air. Seems like it's related to sleep apnea...but I'm not sure. It is scary and I feel like I'm choking and may not recover, but I always do. I panic. I always panic.

Okay, off to take mom's suitcase to UPS. They ran out of room for it. At least I get to go to Park Avenue--it's a cool part of the city. Then, maybe back for a short nap. (I've already taken one today.)

Sunday, August 05, 2012

I'm back.

My family just left back to Kansas (via South Dakota and Colorado). The house is quiet. It is a mess. I am looking forward to getting it back to working condition. I'm looking forward to some quiet evenings, though it was nice to have the distractions. 6 extra people in your house is a lot. My need for order and space seems to win out eventually. I'm exhausted. My growing belly slows me down quite a bit. I just can't get it all done as I'd like. I have to sit and take breaks. That is annoying. Z finally has her room back and we can get that all decorated for her. She has her own bed now and won't be sleeping in ours. (Maybe sometimes) My table will go from having 9 chairs down to 3. My fridge won't be overflowing. I am ready to purge again--clothes, toys, anything that I can get rid of. The stuff is making me claustrophobic. I know Jason feels the same way. He and Z are napping on her bunk bed--top bunk. Cute.

Listening to how things are in my hometown in Kansas makes me feel fortunate that Z will grow up here. It just isn't the same. She has more advantages here that they just don't have. Bad attitudes and a decreasing population aren't making for a great place for kids to grow up. I was blessed with good people around me in high school and for a class that was mostly filled with bright people who were ambitious and adventurous. We were excited about things. That doesn't seem to be the case. The teachers seemed to be there for us. The coaches were about personal bests...not crazed winning freaks. We were nurtured for the most part, not yelled at and left feeling small.

I had times where I feel my little comments made my nephew and nieces feel a bit picked on. Making them do things for themselves instead of being waited on. Making them clean up after themselves, make sandwiches for themselves and putting their dishes in the dishwasher themselves!!! (I spent a lot of time putting dishes in the dishwasher.) I realize this is small, but it sure got on my nerves. How hard is it??? : )

Z can relax a bit now. Being around kids 24/7 was a lot for her. She's not used to it yet. Her sister's arrival will be good for her.

I ordered an dvd class about writing creative non fiction. It's through The Great Courses. I saw the ad in the NYTimes. I am ready to sit and feed my brain again for a bit. I'm feeling a little empty. There are 24 lectures of 30 mins each. I'll keep you posted on how it is. Maybe this blog will get better. :)