Monday, November 16, 2015


A good day. Meds seem to be working...but I go back and forth with the anxiety management. I'm inspired today...feel good about the fam...feel okay about the fact that there is an enormous amount of laundry to be done...I'll get to it. Folding..geesh. I'll get there. I need a new system.

Spent my weekend working at the High Fall Film Festival. Meeting filmmakers, film lovers and tons of film nerds was great! I didn't feel like an alien there. Having a film degree gives you clout...even if you aren't using it. No one cares. If you majored in are in.

I'm hoping to be part of the film selection committee for next year. so excited. 

I saw a film, Drama. and I loved it so much that I'm trying to get a hold of the director to discuss her work. She was so inspiring to me. She wrote about what she knew...and the body language that she incorporated with things was so natural. 

This is the type of writing I would do. That I will do, right...that's what I would say.