Wednesday, December 27, 2006

On a rainy Wednesday night...Dec. 20th

he proposed to me at the airport...

He was helping me get my suitcase to the curb and we were saying our goodbyes when he said, "one more thing..." and got down on one knee. "I wanted to wait until at least Christmas, but I can't wait...I don't want you to get on that plane without knowing I want you to be my wife....will you marry me?" (the ring is BEAUTIFUL!--an edwardian style engagement band...looks like a 1/4 inch strip of lace made of white gold and diamonds is wrapped around my finger.)

I was in shock...I kissed him and said, "Of course!!" He told me how much he loved me and then he had to go. (the traffic guard was blowing her whistle) He shouted "I LOVE YOU" from his car right before he left. I just stood there. Finally, I went inside...still in shock and stood in line. I didn't say anything. J called and asked me if I was ok. "I hate that we're not together right now." (he was to fly into Wichita on Saturday.) I called my mom, she was thrilled!!

She kept telling me how happy she was and how much she loves him and us together. The night crept along with a few phone calls going out...and him calling me every once in a while to ask me if I was ok and to let me know how happy he was.

When I got home, Kendra had made me a sign from her computer and she woke up to say congratulations. So adorable. My mom told everyone we ran into while I was home (and sent out numerous emails). It was a bit embarrassing, but fun. My family is so happy. His family was thrilled as well. He sent out the pic of the ring and some pics of us to his family and they responded very warmly (he'd called them the night before). I got texts and emails the next day with warm wishes. It's fun! (But...we were still by ourselves celebrating!)

Unfortunately, his flight was cancelled to Wichita on Saturday morning, so he rented a car and drove. The entire family jumped in the car and drove to meet him in Lawrence to bring him home. (He'd only slept 3 hours the night before.)

We're happy. I couldn't be happier..gosh, I don't even know what to write. I just wanted to get it documented. I'll have to write something more later.

I just keep looking at this couldn't be more me! Most of all...I'm so happy he's happy. It suits him.