Friday, May 08, 2009

Things that make me homesick.

smelling freshly cut grass--Hearing a lawn mower in the distance
hearing a basketball bouncing on pavement
the sound of track meets--annoucements over the loud speaker
crickets and frogs at night
the smell of coppertone
anything from U2 War
smell of hot black top
a car scratching it's bumper on a dip
track spikes on cement
(i loved track season...i wasn't any good, but my friends were)
gym shoes squeaking on a gym floor
the squeaking of a swing set
the smell of gasoline
the smell of noxema
burning leaves
the sound of a boat engine taking in some water
(i miss the lake)
the sound of a tent zipper

I can hear all the sounds of my grandparents' houses...the doors when they opened and shut...everything. Also...the sounds of St. John...the whistle is a big one. I can hear so many things I grew up listening to. It's amazing. Life used to be so simple.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

the day that should have been

(for Jen)

I wake up at 7am...filled with energy and a good feeling about the day. I cleaned the apt last night, so now I can relish in the cleanliness of it! Jason set the coffee to brew and I can smell it throughout the house. It's sunny. It's warm. I'm not in the least bit fatigued and sit down to finally read a book on the couch...

That's the start. Unfortunately, it's now how today is going and I'm I'll have to write more of it later. How sad!!

Friday, May 01, 2009

Sounds of Silence

It's Friday and people are leaving early from the office. Oh, how I wish I were too. I have an hour left. A group of us are going to see Wolverine tonight. I love Hugh...he's amazing to watch. I wish Wolverine could do a little sing and dance routine, but maybe that's not really in his character. There's something about a man who can really entertain--whether it be singing, dancing, playing an instrument...or even tell great jokes. The multi talented stars are fading. The days of an actor being able to do it all seem to be left to black and white. Sure, we have some...but it seems that beauty dominates over anything else--even talent. That's too bad. Even the radio had constant crap on it. I rarely listen to new music...I have a few that I do--but mostly, not. I love listening to my Pauls--McCartney and Simon. They always center me somehow. Silly maybe.

This weekend our goal is to do a lot of cleaning and relaxing. Can't wait. There's nothing like cleaning the crap out of your place and then just relaxing in the Pledge fumes. (Maybe that's only me??)