Monday, October 26, 2009

Autumn on Mountain Rd.

These are pictures from our backyard. Beautiful....

Growing up, Summer was always my favorite season because it meant no school and days at the pool. Now, although I don't like the cold...Fall is definitely my fave. I love Halloween, the colors, pumpkin patches, scarves and Thanksgiving. We got 3 pumpkins...a Jason, Valerie and Zoë pumpkin!! So cute. I should have a pic of that on here, too...let me add it. There. Now it's at the top. Cute, eh?!!
Thanksgiving will just be Jason and me--which we're used to. He wanted to travel to Cleveland...but I put my foot down. "Uhh...I'll be ready to pop...I'm not going to be 4 hours away from my doctor." He quickly agreed. Dustin was going to come in, but now he's coming after Zoë is here. (Yes, we picked her name--and yes, it has umlauts.) So, instead of making an insane dinner, I'm going to research where we can go to get some turkey. We'll still fix some things at home...Jason's fave cranberry recipe that we've made into our own tradition, etc. It will be somewhat lonely, but Christmas should make up for it. I believe my mom and clan will be here. Having a baby around always brings a crowd. I look forward to her arrival. Pregnancy has been...very educational and interesting. Some women LOVE to be pregnant...I've found, I'm not one of them. I can't wait to be a mother, but being slowed down so much by a belly and FATigue isn't as much fun. In my 20s, I would've relished the idea of having to slow down--I was lazy then. Now, it drives me NUTS! There are so many things I need to get done...the house is still not unpacked, etc...I am driven to tears of frustration. I need to relax about it all. I am 33 weeks this week...only 7 more to go!! An early arrival would be welcomed.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Baby Blues

I don't have a good excuse for not writing--fatigue? being uncomfortable? fatigue??'s just that I find myself blanking my mind out. I don't want to think about anything and have been that way for a while. I feel the impending time of thinking/worrying about EVERYTHING and I'm trying to prepare for the madness. The house is great, not unpacked much...but I still come home and lay on the couch anyway. The nursery is finally painted--thanks to my sister!! YAY. I went with a Mary Poppins theme. I love Mary...she's very comforting to me. I grew up with the movie and I love the colors Disney used in the film--the whole movie looks as if it is a painting of blues and greens and pinks. London can be a magical place.

Today, I feel that my belly has grown 2 inches outward. It's heavy and tight...and I didn't sleep at all last night. So, today--with my boss being gone--it is WAY too slow and I'm daydreaming of relaxing on my bed. I'm trying to think of ways to escape. No one would even know I was gone! Or rather, they wouldn't care.

My energy is low and my creative juices are at an all time low. Boring blogs might be worse than no blogs at all. I'm sure I'll be hit by some insightful thoughts that I'll want to share...but for now...I'm marveling at this huge belly and how active this little girl is!! She seems to be sleeping right now of course--sure didn't sleep when I was trying to sleep. Who's team is she on??? If she came early, that would be a blessing. I want my body back and I want to meet her. We can't have very much fun with her in there...