Thursday, October 25, 2007

This is Halloween!!

Fall does a great job of setting nice bright plant arrangements along the roads making everything just look better. I wish the trees were always these beautiful shades of yellows and reds. I guess we wouldn't appreciate them as much if that were the case. Soon snow will blanket the fields and will make nice decor for the trees. (the slush in the streets I wish we could avoid!)

I'd love to walk through Central Park today...maybe I'd see some hippies running around looking for Donna. (I always think of that...and the little stone bridges.)

If I moved, would I just miss being here? I seem to always want to be somewhere else. I've been that way since I was a little girl. Back then I wanted to live in Scotland. I wanted to be just like James Herriot. Such an odd person to idolize at 7, but his life seemed almost perfect to me. (Google him! He's pretty cool!) Unfortunately when I found out I'd have to be pretty good at math to be a veterinarian, my dreams went down in smoke. When I went to Scotland a few years back I couldn't get over how amazingly green things were. Maybe I'm just really fond of lush bright colors. Growing up in Kansas with long seasons of dark mustards and browns had me yearning for color.

I need to go get a pumpkin. Our deck needs some flickering eyes at night.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


This morning I wake up in New York. My cat is banging around in the kitchen searching for something to eat...I forgot to feed her last night. I peel myself off of the hot leather couch (a bed would've been a nice touch) and make way to the cabinets. I find tuna fish, but no can opener. The next best thing is a church I make an aluminum dotted line around the edges and pry it off the best I can. I slice my thumb. I put it in her dish and wrap the last paper towel on the roll around it. I'm pretty sure I don't have any band aids, that would require thinking about what could happen in the future and I'm not good at that. Course, it would also require to learn from mistakes and that hasn't happened either. Walking into my bedroom, I see Nikki laying comfortably in my bed. "It's time to go. It's after 8." She nods and slides out of the sheets onto the floor. "thanks for letting me stay...I'm sure they're at work now." (her parents fight) "Take my bike and get to school." She grabs the key off of the hook and heads down the stairs.

My thumb is bleeding through the paper towel. Shit. I need coffee. I'm too tired to shave today.