Friday, March 31, 2006

Farewell 1907

Farewell to the squeaky screen door and the busted tub faucet. My door that won’t shut and his that shut with a thud. Goodbye to no closets in our rooms and extension chord jungles. The kitchen counter tops that serve as a front row seat. The window AC with a remote control. The fireplace that is just for show. The new bookshelves we stuffed with books we haven’t read yet. The walls with no paintings…except for the one where the jogger has yet to run by. The thin walls that kept us up at night with the parties below. The windows that overlook Evergreen and the car that took forever to get towed, the man that ran from the cops and the church-goers that took over the sidewalks with their cars. Goodbye to the ceiling that you helped me touch. The kitchen where we got ready to go out with your sister. The back hall that looks into the other apt. The windows that see the “naked girl.” The refrigerator that has had green bean casserole in it for months. The oven that was used maybe a dozen times. The futon in the Fall. Goodbye to mile long walks from the parking spot we’d find after a late night run to Taco Bell—(shouting at each other in the process.) The spider mark on my bedroom floor. The couch where I made you watch Felicity…and 24….and Dawson’s, though that was short lived. The sounds of you being the “going out” DJ during “bar of the week.” Goodbye to the awkwardness and the watching from a far. Goodbye to the answer, “we’re roommates.”

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


The instrumental in “Light My Fire” by The Doors
The English Patient
Lawrence Kasdan’s script for The Big Chill
The Sgt. Pepper album
November 21, 1992
Kurt Kinnamon (#14) during the 1981 Kansas High School Championship game.
Jessie Bennington’s rendition of “pink cake”
May 31st, 1993 (first Paul McCartney concert)
My BKE jeans
Nicole Kidman’s skin
Ode to a Grecian Urn
White sand beaches
Heidi Klum's hair, face, body, accent
Maverick’s smile
"Circle" by Edie Brickell
"He Said" by Edie Brickell
The creative partnership of Lennon/McCartney
Jason’s hair
To Kill A Mockingbird
The Lord of the Rings adaptation from book to film
Grace Kelly
Danny Elfman’s score to The Nightmare Before Christmas
Amanda’s meatballs
Reality Bites soundtrack
Johnny Depp in Edward Scissorhands (well, JD, period)
The Golden Gate Bridge
April 18, 1995 (personally, not nationally)
Valerie’s salad
Dustin's interior designs
Kortney's sense of me
My sense of Kortney
Jason's sense of self
The Cavern in Liverpool
Simon and Garfunkel in Central Park
Cherry icy
The Grand Canyon
Troy on the court
John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme
Jane Bennington's commencement speeches
U2, Rattle and Hum
Annie Hall
Debbie Johnson’s laugh
The comedic timing of When Harry Met Sally, Noises Off and Clue
Meryl Streep in Holocaust, One True Thing, Sophie’s Choice and Out of Africa
Sissy Spacek as Loretta Lynn
Radiohead’s OK Computer
Gerber daisies and tulips
Bryan's sense of adventure
Melinda King’s hugs
A Kansas thunderstorm
The place Amanda's heart is
Victoria’s Secret models
Summer of 1991
Christopher Reeves as Superman
Going North on Lake Shore Drive from Soldier Field at night
Danny Manning during the 1988 NCAA Championship
Madonna's Blonde Ambition Tour
Jason's jeans with the hole in the knee
Beginning lines in Out of Africa, Flatliners and American Beauty
The evenings of Saturday, March 19 and December 10th

more to come…..