Monday, June 19, 2006

I wish I'd kept all of the tickets!

I just finished up seeing Madonna last night at the United Center. I saw her a couple years back as well. It's amazing how much closer to an artist you feel after you've seen them in concert. You get to see a side to them that isn't seen on the radio or on MTV. I decided to reflect on all I can remember I've seen in concert. I know I've seen more...I literally can't remember all of their names!! I'll add more when I think of them.

Madonna (2x)
Paul McCartney (5x)
Indigo Girls (2x)
The Beach Boys
Harry Connick Jr. (3x)
John Denver
Eddie Rabbit
Tori Amos
Bob Dylan
Pink Floyd
U2 (2x)
Dave Matthews Band (3x)
Barry Manilow
Lyle Lovett
Johnny Cash
The Nadas
Poi Dog Pondering
Kenny Chesney
The Judds
Tim McGraw
Reba MacEntire
Elton John and Billy Joel (Billy Joel 2x)
Urge Overkill
Matthew Sweet
Alana Davis
Cake (2x)
Henry Rollins (spoken word)
Spike Lee (speaker)
Ken Burns (speaker)
Veruca Salt
Air Supply