Tuesday, September 23, 2014

S.A.D. is here!! Enjoy!!

I am shocked at how many I haven't seen! Now I'm excited.

It's Seasonal Affective Disorder time folks! Snuggle up, close the shutters, get some hot chocolate and watch some movies to escape from reality. I've been binging on Six Feet Under, so I'm right there with you. It's all about escape for me. (And my life is pretty good...??) It doesn't seem to matter if you are surrounded by a great life...for some reason, the blues can still creep up on you. I'm up and down. Today, up, thank goodness. But I had a day last week where I was in a pretty good funk. It's a hard feeling to deal with. And for some reason, even if you know it's going to end...at the time you are feeling it, you forget. At least I do. It's all about hopeless, cranky and not wanting to see anyone.

So, if you can't see people...watch them. Sometimes getting lost in a movie is the best thing. (or a book, of course...)





I will promise to post my reviews of the ones I watch. I need to force myself to post these days. My lack of posting is in direct correlation to my ups and downs, I apologize. The Robin Williams death took me out for quite some time. It triggered so many things that came out of nowhere. Unreal.

More to come, folks.

If all else fails...go for an autumn walk and look at the gorgeous trees!!! it helps me.