Monday, August 20, 2007

It'll take a lot more rain to change this view.

I have a picture on my desk at work of Jason and I dancing a drive-in diner in Cleveland. We're both laughing and looking at each other...I love it. This marriage thing is pretty good. This past weekend we had our final reception with his mother. We're done travelling!! Now we get to settle into things and just relax and enjoy being together. It was a tough summer, but we had to do it our way and I think in the end, everyone knows each other much more than they would if they'd met at a wedding. 4 receptions over 3 states...whew!

Chicago is rainy today. If it were just surrounded by mountains or something, it'd be a better view. Or if the water covered Schaumburg and my window looked out over beautiful blue water with sailboats and seagulls....but the concrete jungle in front of a grey sky makes me long for another part of the country. We'll be taking trips to New York state soon to see if we like it there. It'd be closer to family and to the east coast. Beautiful. Who knows what we'll end up doing...only time will tell. The cool thing is that we're ready to take it all on together. It really helps that we were friends for so long before we were anything times, our friendship stands out more than anything else. He just makes me laugh. I realize we're honeymooners, so I'm still all starry eyed...reading this as an outsider, I might be rolling my eyes about now. Understandable.

Man, I sure could go for a Sonic right now.

Why the hell do they have commercials here if there aren't any close by?!! (Cool thing--there was a Sonic in Colorado that I talked my family into taking me to! A Sonic surrounded by THAT'S a view!!!)

Monday, August 06, 2007

Rocky Mountain High.......

Just got back from our second wedding reception in Bailey, Colorado. It was beautiful. I watched my mother and her siblings revisit their childhood...acting like children themselves at times. Everyone laughed and hugged...and they all adored Jason as I knew they would. The geography was something hard for me to leave. The mountains surrounding us, the rushing stream outside our cabin and the smell of pine are all things I could wake up to every day. The little one was in rare 2 1/2, she ruled the roost and made my heart melt a hundred times a day. Watching Jason carry kids on his shoulders up the, I can't wait to have children. "Uncle Jason" was a hit and is quickly becoming more popular with all of the kids. (that's ok..he's new...they'll remember me later.)

I'll write more later...time to get off work!!