Thursday, December 13, 2012


My mom flies in tonight. It will be nice to have her here. Christmas is just around the corner. I'm hoping I'm creating the feeling in Z that I had as a child. In less than 10 days, our house will be full of family. We will be playing games and eating...decorating cookies and laughing. I look forward to it. I want to take mental pictures. I know this isn't always how it will be. I know there will be holidays in the future where my heart will ache missing my parents. I will miss the girls as babies. I will miss looking younger. But, hopefully I'll be creating a feeling I can return to during those times. I hope to create good memories for my family.

Jason finished his classes for the semester. He did well. Of course he did. He's exhausted and behind in work, but it is done. Now...we head to Cleveland on Saturday morning when I wish we could just relax at home. I understand why we are going., do I just wish we could sit still for a minute.

How many times do you just sit still? Not watching tv or reading...but just with nothing. Just with yourself? Just breathing? I think it's something we should do more of.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Who owns a smoke machine??

The weekend was not restful. Jason worked on school work all weekend. He had a project due on is still not done. He's not good with papers. He  never hits his deadlines. He always usually gets an A...but it isn't for promptness. So...we didn't spend any time together and Z is upset that she didn't get to go to the Play Museum.

The day is cloudy and dreary...but I'm fine with it. It fits the mood. The lights can stay on and be seen. I can clean without seeing all the dust that the sunshine brings out. I can listen to jazz music and it seems appropriate.

We are headed to Cleveland this weekend. I wish I could say that I'm looking forward to it. I am not. We haven't had ANY time as a family and now we are off to visit other people. I had a falling out with his mother this week. She felt the need to leave J a long venting voicemail about her disapproval that Z isn't potty trained yet. Jason brought it up to me at dinner on Friday night. It wasn't the best timing--I was furious and fired off an email. I did wait an hour. It wasn't awful. I wasn't disrespectful. I'd just had it. I find her CONSTANT pessimism tiresome. She rarely talks about happy things are sees the good in ANYTHING.


My mom comes on Thursday. I AM looking forward to that. Though it isn't his fault...J's been so busy that I've just been on my own in the evenings. It will nice to have someone to watch tv and talk to. He works too hard. It sucks.

My SIL turned me on to a new I love it. Also, I'm addicted to this video right now--Z makes me play it a few times a day. Enjoy. (No, she doesn't hear the curse words in case you were wondering)


Thursday, December 06, 2012

Quick update.
My dad came for a week. It was so nice to have him here. I know it will be a time that I remember. I find myself taking more mental pictures of life as time goes on. It's not just with my parents, but with everyone. You can't take times or people for granted--we lose people all too often too soon. When never know whom or when.

I also got the flu in a major way a couple days ago. Wow. It came out of nowhere and took me out completely. I think I threw up 15 times in 12 hours. I'm now down to pre-baby weight. I can button my pants now.

Harper is doing well. She is quite a sleeper at night. We got lucky. During my barfing spells...she just snoozed away. Zoƫ turned 3 yesterday. I can't believe it. My little one. She is quite the firecracker! Funny, bull headed and way too smart. Put that together with how pretty she is...we are really in for it.

Our guests keep coming. Mom arrives next week. My sister and fam the week after. Kortney and Jason come in January. Dustin will be here for 10 days and Ryan will be here for half the time. I can't wait! I think it's nice that people want to come see us. Our house does a great job accommodating everyone. It's a great holiday house. The tree us decorated. We got a real one this year. It could be a little taller, but it fills out the room really well. I decorated with only blue and green lights. Blue and Green usually signify J and me. He's been busy with school. Today he takes his final and then finishes a project. After that...I'm really hoping for some time together. It's been a blur for him for the past few months.

Take time out for each other. We really struggle to do that.

Hoping we get a BIG snow fall soon. It would just make the picture that much more perfect.