Wednesday, November 02, 2016

aaron sorkin and me

okay, i'm writing to write. and, obviously punctuation isn't important...just wanted to post something. decided to splurge and buy a master class--aaron sorkin. i'd been watching the west wing again in the evenings...and i see the ad for his class. i love his work. i love how he writes dialogue. i love dialogue...and that's why i always felt a play would work best for me. his class is really helpful...he is very human and he answers questions that i've had.  i keep trying to write this play that is the scary part of my life it seems. i shy away from it...i ignore it. i do anything but write it. i have to force myself...why? if writing is what i feel my gift is, i'm not sure why i don't do it more often. i am afraid of being bad. ha. how do you master the free throw? you shoot them over and over and over. i have to write every day.

but every writer knows that.

however...can I just say that this aaron sorkin master class is excellent??!! learning so much.

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